Jan 2, 2010

GRE Big Book Word List - Download eLanguage Book GRE Big Book

ETS is in a good mood when they released this book to the public.

All official materials, this book is unbeatable for quality of questions. None of the other practice books can come close to the quality of questions you will find in this book.

This book has 27 actual, full tests which were administered in the past. This is more than most people would ever need to practice. However, this book contains NO explanations or strategies--it's pure practice. If you need strategies or explanations, you will have to look elsewhere.

Finally, some of these tests were given years ago. Like all the other tests, the GRE has evolved and some of the question types that you will see in this book will not be on your tests. For example, the real GRE reading passages are actually pretty long (four or five paragraphs) even though some of the passages in the book are quite short (one paragraph). Moreover, students who can score in the 90 %ile on the math section will find the math in the book too easy.

All in all, you can beat the value. This book is the bible of GRE test prep.

Download GRE Big Book


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nancy john said...

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