Jan 2, 2010

GMAT Premier Program By Kaplan - Download Language Book GMAT By Kaplan


* Fully integrated book and online program
* A rich online study plan that guides students through all of the integrated assets of the comprehensive program, including the book, online, and software
* Guidance throughout the program, directing students to additional resources within the program if they need it
* A diagnostic experience to help students concentrate on the areas in which they need the most help
* A progress report, so students can keep track of and analyze their performance as they make their way through the program
* Email communication at key points during the program, providing extra tips and guidance, as well as motivation to keep improving
* Monthly online additions to ensure that the student has the latest content and information about the exam
* Remedial content to ensure students are up-to-speed on the basic concepts before attacking higher-level content
* Downloadable strategy and reference guides for easy prep on the go
* Realistic practice experiences
* Online question banks
* 6 full-length practice tests with detailed answer explanations

Download GMAT Premier Program By Kaplan 

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